6 Tips to effective video marketing

Seeing is believing, so they say. This could be why video marketing is one of the top ways to let people know about your brand. If you already knew that then you should have incorporated videos into your marketing mix.
If so then you are on the right track.Since the marketing arena keeps changing every day, these tips to effective video marketing should keep you on the right side for your brand recognition. Explainer Video can also help you to have an effective video marketing campaign.

Short Videos are consumer favorites

According to a BBC customer attention span survey, online consumers can only actively concentrate for 8 seconds. That is shocking because how much can you say in those few seconds? If you want your videos to get the right attention, then it is mandatory to make them short. Anything above 3 minutes is too long. Ensure you start with the most important things, and before a consumer plays next, they will already have gotten your message.

Narrow down your audience

As much as you would want a lot of people to watch your marketing videos, it does not mean you will have to target even those who are least interested. Narrow down your focus to those who have a high chance of conversion. It is better to target 100 people and convert 20 than targeting 1000 only to get 5 actual buyers or subscribers.

Set realistic goals

You will first need realistic goals before starting your video marketing campaign. For instance, you cannot start by targeting 10,000 new customers when your brand popularity has less than 100 active customers. Start with something small: say increasing your customer base from 100 to 250 in the first month.

Importantly, make sure that you can track all your goals and ensure that you are actualizing on them. It will be easy to know what is working and what is not.

Have a posting schedule

Once you begin your video marketing campaign, you have to keep up with the demand that comes with it. It is important that you come up with a posting schedule. If it is every day, make sure that there is new content. If it is a few times a week, follow that schedule. It is vital that you keep your new viewers interested and updated on what new stuff you are offering.

Teel good stories

People love good stories. And these stories must be identified with their daily lives. Rather than introducing your company, your products, mission, and vision; tell your potential viewers on how your business impacts on the society. Give them a reason to want to be part of your big dream. As long as these stories are customer-centered, you will soon have your brand in the same books.

Demos and tutorials are must-have

In your videos, teach your viewers a few skills that they can do for themselves. Let them learn something new in every video they watch. They will follow you wherever you go, and that is good for your brand.As long as you know what, when, and how to use videos for marketing; your brand will never lack regarding customers. Keep the stories going around, and you will be reaping big.